Koukon Bridge

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I can see it being a platonic thing but other than that no.

HawkfrostXLeafpool ?

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Nope nope on so many levels.


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I’m more for Holly/Ivy/Blossom myself but hey this is close enough and still just as cute.


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There’s a rainbow every time Tallstar thinks of Jake.


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This pairing. I like it.

Loaño & Latahl (Llane || Horde) Part 10

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The chamber of Aku’mai was guarded by a dozen spiked turtles. The group had no problems cutting through them, and Loaño had no problems healing. But as they approached Aku’mai, the sight of the massive Hydra made Latahl stop the group to rest and think up a strategy.

While they discussed, Loaño peeked around the stone that hid them from view. She spotted several Twilight’s Hammer cultists close to Aku’mai, and was shocked to see that some were feeding it. Their attempts to appease the beast, however, were met with failure - Aku’mai’s three heads roared, and each one devoured a cultist. Loaño watched carefully, wondering if those that remained would flee - but they didn’t.

Behind Aku’mai was an orb - a large pearl that seemed to glow. It sat atop an altar. Loaño tilted her head, curious, and then reported what had happened to the group.

The warlock was intrigued by the mention of the pearl. With a quick moment of meditation, she informed the group that the pearl was a Night Elven artifact - one that bestowed a blessing of strength and vigor to those who touched it. She mentioned that bringing it back to Splintertree Post, along with the heads of Aku’mai, might be a good idea.

Latahl agreed, and the plan was finished quickly. Latahl would head out first to distract the beast and the cultists. The warrior would take out the cultists, while the warlock and shaman focused on taking out the heads of Aku’mai with lightning and fire. Loaño would stay back, healing and providing assistance.

Frustrated by her lackluster role, Loaño called upon the Light to bless her companions with fortitude. Each member of the group could feel themselves getting a little stronger. With the blessing in place, the group initiated their plan.

It worked almost flawlessly - Latahl proved a good distraction. The warrior dispatched the cultists with but a few swings of his mighty axe. The shaman and warlock aimed their blasts true while Aku’mai stomped about trying to kill Latahl.

Loaño, meanwhile, shielded and healed her allies when it was necessary. Feet cold and damp from the waters of the cave, she sought high ground atop a jutting rock. It gave her a good view of the field, and allowed her to call out a warning when Aku’mai’s tail threatened to crush the Tauren - he escaped unharmed.

Furious, Aku’mai let out a roar. The beasts’s attack speed increased, and each head released a cloud of poisonous green gas. Loaño pulled up her robe over her nose as she shielded her allies from the attack.

Latahl kept up with the beast, throwing sword and shield and Light. His blade was cutting deep into Aku’mai’s flesh, angering the beast further. When the Tauren warrior succeeded in cutting off Aku’mai’s tail, the battle was all but finished.

The shaman manipulated the red-stained waters, turning it to ice as she sprayed the Hydra. One head fell into the red waters.

The second head was brought low by the warlock, and chopped off by the Tauren.

The third was for Latahl, who let out a cry of victory as his sword rang out through the air, imbued with Light. The Hydra’s final head splashed to the ground, and the body fell not long after.

Loaño watched as the fighters embraced one another, grateful for being alive. She held herself in uncertainty - they had hardly needed her help, what with the shaman’s extra healing, the warlock’s shields that covered her, and the Tauren’s heavy armor. Latahl didn’t even seem harmed at all.

Since the heads were too heavy to carry all the way through the cave, Latahl decided that they all ought to take a blood-stained scale from Aku’mai’s body. The Tauren warrior carved out an eye and a tooth for further proof, while Latahl took the pearl from its pedestal.

Bloodied and battered, they began making their way out of the Deeps, reveling in their victory. Even Latahl seemed to get in on the fun. Loaño was the one who stayed silent this time - even the shaman’s jokes didn’t cheer her up.

All Loaño could think of was how useless she felt.

Chi-ji’s Celestial Challenge makes me want to flip tables.

I am a Holy Priest. I don’t want to go Disc just so I can Atonement spam my way to winning…


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I can’t say I know Bumblestripe that well but this ship sounds cute.

Daisy x Cloudtail

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Nothing against either of them but nope. Didn’t like it when it was hinted at, don’t like it now.